Friday, August 21, 2009

Good news this week!

We went to Duke again this week. It was our 7th visit. Abigail has experienced some tingling in her ears and/or throat after most of her drops over the last 2 weeks, even Tuesday before we went to Duke on Wednesday. In the past, the tingling would stop just a few days after a dosage increase. So, this last dosage increase was different, and I was anxious to see what would happen at this visit to Duke after another increase. Surely a hive this time?

No hive. However, instead of the tingling lasting only a minute at most, it lasted almost 10 minutes. It started in her throat, then one ear and then the other. That was really positive. Yesterday, Thursday, we were back to ear tingling for half a minute or so.

Today, though, was a turning point in answering the question of whether or not we are on the placebo or the real stuff. I gave Abigail her drop, and she went out to the garage to jump rope until her 2 minutes were over (remember, she has to hold the drop under her tongue). She came running in before time was up for two reasons. The first, and most important in my book was that her tongue was burning! To the point she was really upset and smacking at her face to make the burning stop. That itself was disturbing, but she was obviously upset and her tongue was really burning. So, after calming her down, I gave her some ice chips which was recommended at Wednesday's visit to Duke to help with the tingling. Actually, they suggested giving her a Popsicle. A Popsicle... really.... for some tingling? That's taking the "making the kids happy" to another level! We then concluded that while jumping rope, some of the drop must have hit the top of her tongue and caused the burning. The ice chips worked, and the burning stopped. Her ears started tingling and again lasted just a minute.

The second reason that Abigail came running into the house and most important to her, she jumped rope 11 times in a row!

Time to offer up thanks!