Sunday, August 5, 2012

We have a winner!

Abigail's second challenge is on Tuesday.  We leave tomorrow to once again stay with my parents so that mom can watch my youngest.  It also considerably shortens our drive to Chapel Hill.

We're ready.  I've spent some time coming up with food ideas for the peanut butter portion of the challenge.  If she passes the peanut flour challenge, she'll have to eat 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

I first made a cookie using a no-bake chocolate cookie recipe.   The peanut butter can't be heated (it changes the protein molecules) so the recipe was ideal.  I used sunflower butter and put a whole tablespoon in one cookie.  Abigail liked it, but it was going to be too sweet for her sensitive stomach.  She only finished half the cookie.  There was no way she was going to be able to eat two.  On to the next idea.

At Christmas, I make a treat that she loves.  It's Crispix cereal (or store brand equivalent) coated in chocolate, sunflower butter and powdered sugar.  Deconstructing the recipe, I pulled out the Trader Joe's equivalent of Ritz crackers, spread 1/2 tablespoon of sunflower butter on it, added some miniature chocolate chips and sprinkled powder sugar on top.  She loved it.  Asked for another, and then another.  My son and I had to try too.  Yum!  Tastes just like the sweet treat I make at Christmas.  We have a winner!!

I've packed it all up along with some cute plates and napkins for our peanut party on Tuesday afternoon.  The applesauce and cinnamon is also packed.  She'll need that for the peanut flour portion of the challenge.  The lab will mix the minimum amount of applesauce required for the oat and peanut flour dosages.  Abigail will have the ability to add more applesauce and/or cinnamon to taste.  Given her personality and need for control, this will be a tremendous help during the challenge.

Abigail is still nervous.  She's worried about her stomach hurting again.  She did conclude that not eating enough that day didn't help.  It's a special occasion so we'll swing by McDonald's on the way there and grab breakfast.  She's excited about that.  She started the last challenge with a fairly empty stomach because she was too nervous to eat.  This time, she realizes how important it is to have food on her stomach.

Wish us luck!  Regardless of the outcome, she no longer has to do the drops.  If she passes, then peanut allergy we are!  If she can't eat the equivalent of 16 peanuts after being off the drops for a month, but comes close, then she'll add a peanut and a half to her diet on a daily basis in lieu of the drops.  Even if that's the case, I'm thinking there is no longer any worry about cross-contamination.  How awesome is that???  I'm so excited!

I'll keep you posted.  Be praying for us.