Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Treats and Safe Candy Corn!

Again at Target (I shop there a lot), I found another healthy, peanut-safe trick-or-treat option.  Different Target this time though which explains why I didn't see them at my last visit.  An entire post could be devoted on the frustrations that occur when stores within the same chain don't carry the same products.  I run into the same issue with my grocery store and with Wal-Mart, but I regress.  There are 80 packs of fruit snacks in a box for $4.99.  Right on the very front of the box is a picture of a peanut with a red line slashed across it, and on the back a label stating that the snacks are made in a nut free facility.  The snacks from Florida's Naturals are made with real fruit and there were no artificial colors listed in the ingredients.  I bought 2 boxes and hope there are some left over to pack in the kids' lunch boxes.

Another good find this week was safe candy corn.  Not necessarily healthy, but peanut safe.  If was the first candy corn that Abigail has ever eaten, and she was hooked.  I find them too sweet, but Abigail loves sweet treats, and you can't get much sweeter than candy corn.  I found the bag at Dollar Tree.  The candy corn is manufactured in Mexico for Sunrise Confections.  It does contain egg and soy, but made in a peanut/tree-nut facility.

Kids were in too much of a hurry to try them to let me take a picture before opening the bag!
Jelly Belly also makes a Halloween mix of candy corn flavored jelly beans that is safe for peanut and tree nut allergies.  Other than online, I've only seen the product at Marshalls/HomeGoods.  It was $5.99 for a 9 oz. bag.  Personally, I liked the price of the bag at Dollar Tree where, yes, everything there is a dollar.