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With Abigail
What is causing so many children to have food allergies? Neither myself or my husband have one. Did I eat too much peanut butter when I was pregnant? Were we too germ phobic with our baby? Maybe it was the soy formula she drank? Or, is it the processed food that we're eating? So, I'm on a quest for information. There's just not enough information available and too many people who don't understand and can't appreciate the life-threatening risk that so many children live with. I'll share what I find out!

I'm also willing to drive a 290 mile round trip every other week for as long as it takes to build up my daughter's tolerance to peanuts thereby making her peanut allergy free. With a lot of prayer and help from the Duke Clinical Research team, it can happen. I'll share our journey!

a.k.a. Mom with a Mission