Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday & Get Well Soon

Today is Abigail's birthday.  She's had a fever off and on for the last two days.  It's put a real damper on the birthday festivities.  She also had a Father/Daughter dance that she and her dad were supposed to attend tonight.  Tomorrow both sets of grandparents were coming for cake and ice cream...and presents, but we don't want to expose them to whatever bug Abigail's picked up.  She's pretty disappointed, but been a really good sport about it.

I've tried to make her day as special as possible.  This morning we made waffles and pancake puffs...with candles.  We've rented movies and video games.  We've decorated a cake that is too big now that family is not coming tomorrow to help eat it.  We've opened presents and painted fingernails with a new nail polish set that she got for her birthday.  And, we let her have her choice of take-out which was McDonald's.  That's how much I was trying to make her day great.  I let her eat a McDonald's Happy Meal.

We put those allergy safe jelly beans to good use on her birthday cake.  Abigail asked for a chocolate cake decorated with a rainbow, peace signs, hearts and stars.  She had a good time making the rainbow and peace sign "clouds" and instructing me where to put the hearts and stars. It turned out pretty cute, and she was thrilled with the end results.

Happy Birthday dear Abigail!  Love you!  Hope you feel better soon.