Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Parents Protest in Florida

Did you see today's story about a group of parents in Florida that are protesting to have a 1st grader removed from public school? She has a severe peanut allergy, and as a precaution, students in her class are being asked to wash their hands both in the morning and after lunch as well as rinse their mouths out. The protesting parents think that she should be home-schooled rather than deal with the special rules required to keep her safe.

Obviously, something close to home for all of us parents with allergic children. Here's the link to the article on Yahoo News. If you don't want to become over-agitated, skip reading the comments. I'm constantly amazed at how narrow-minded people can be if they are the least bit inconvenienced.

Post Follow-Up: Here's a link to a news story about this protest that Ann did on the Today Show. I love her point that the protesting parents are really missing an opportunity to teach their children compassion.