Thursday, October 15, 2009

Great News Segment about Allergies

When we were at the beach earlier this month, I was channel surfing and just happened upon a really good news program on what it's like to have a deadly allergy (food, bees, asthma).  It was from a child's point of view which makes sense because it was a Nick News segment airing on Nick Jr.  Abigail was already in bed, so I couldn't run and grab her so that she could see it.  I've been checking the Nickelodeon website periodically to see if they were going to post the entire segment, and fortunately, they did. 

Here's the link:  "I'm Allergic to My World".  We're going to sit down as a family and watch it this weekend.  I'm interested to see Abigail's reaction.  To see if it means anything to hear her story being expressed, not by her mom or a doctor, but by another child.

Thanks Nickelodeon for making a such a great news segment, for educating our friends, our neighbors, our care-givers. And, for hopefully making a difference in the lives of our allergic children!

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