Saturday, May 1, 2010

Big day for Abigail

After almost 2 years, Abigail's hair was finally long enough to cut and donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. This morning she and her best friend had appointments together to have their hair cut for donation.

Here's a couple of pictures. I love her new short hair!

About the time Abigail was starting Kindergarten, she decided she wanted to grow her hair for a friend at church that was battling cancer.  Her friend, Caroline, was in the middle of yet another round of treatment and had lost her hair as a result.  Just last month Caroline lost her battle with childhood cancer, and she passed away.  Caroline was a very special little girl, and I'm so proud that Abigail was doing this in her honor.

Aside from having a life-threatening allergy, I have a happy, healthy child.  I have so much to be thankful for!


Julie Redfern said...

That's awesome! Go Abigail! I too donate my hair but to Locks of Love. This will be my second time to donate when I go get my hair cut hopefully next week.

Paul said...

that is wonderful, do you think I should consider this too?

love U Paul

Horning's said...

Thats amazing thatyour little girl recognized another childs need and wanted to do something to help... you have a special little girl :) I have done this too in the past (when i was pregnant with my first..) and now 2-1/2 years later my hair is long enough again and I am just waiting to get my sister in law to cut it :) Locks of love is who I have donated to in the past, any advise on Pantene's program? Maybe I will do this one? Thanks to you and your little daughter :) My oldest, Teagan has the peanut allergy and I am following your blog and thankful to you for your advise and stories, they really do help me a lot!
Thanks again,
Jenna (mom of two little girls, one of which has a severe peanut allergy and the other is being tested next week)

Mom with a Mission said...

Thanks for all of the comments!

Jenna, we chose Pantene because they require 8" instead of 10". Like Locks of Love, they don't charge the recipient which was really important for us. I'm so glad my blog is helping you and your family. Good luck to your girls. Hope you'll continue to read and comment. Here's to negative test results next week!!

jenny said...

Oh, I am soooo touched. Good job, both of you!