Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Time!

I think this is been one of the longest times between posts since I started my blog.  What's my excuse?  Summer!  The kids are home, and if they're not off making a mess and getting into something they shouldn't (specifically my 3 year old son), they're fussing or fighting, needing a snack, complaining about being bored or wanting to go somewhere.

There was the food challenge at Duke, then Vacation Bible School.  After that, we started potty training my youngest.  It went surprisingly well, and so far no pee pee accidents.  Can't say the same for the other.  Regardless, it's a huge time commitment.  I also made a promise to Abigail that she would be able to swim the length of the pool by the end of the summer so there's been swimming lessons for her and my youngest (he wouldn't even get in the water 2 months ago) and trips to our neighborhood pool to "practice".  Can't forget the shuttling to summer camps, special outings and play dates which all require time away from the computer.  I've started a training certification program which I'll write about in more detail later.  And last, but not least, the garden.  I love having a garden, but my goodness, it's a lot of work.  There's definitely a science behind gardening, and I haven't come close to mastering it.

Anyway, I haven't forgotten you guys.  I hope you are also enjoying your summer. I really shouldn't complain, we're having a great time.  We're being inundated with reminders that school is just around the corner, and I'd like to savor this time a little longer.

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