Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer's Bounty

I have just a small, organic garden, but it's produced a great summer bounty.  I just took a quick picture of what's sitting on my counter right now.

It doesn't include what's in my fridge.  Just goes to prove that you don't have to be an expert or have a ton of space to grow fresh veggies.

Here's before and after pictures of the garden space. It's just 3 feet by 12 feet.  The fence is only necessary if you have wildlife, i.e., rabbits or "lots of help", i.e., a 3 year old.  I felt really silly having my husband drive 8 foot posts in the ground for my tomatoes, but I've actually had to cut out some of the top branches and tie them up because they've started hanging over.

This year I added a smaller 2 foot by 6 foot space and put additional zucchini and squash plants as well as canelope and banana peppers. Obviously, the melon (my first ever) was quite happy and tasted super good!

So if I haven't been posting like I should, my garden is to blame.  I have to cook or freeze what I've grown.  This wasn't the summer to learn to can or preserve.  Maybe next year?

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Julie Redfern said...

Awesome job! It all looks delicious.