Monday, November 15, 2010

Not a good day for a showing!

We have our house for sale in an effort to move closer to my husband's new job.  It is not an easy task to keep a house "show" ready with an active family of four, two of those family members being 7 and 3.

I was organizing my recipe books, a project I've wanted to do for years, but never had the time, when I came across a recipe for jalapeno jelly.  My pepper plants are full of red and green jalapenos right now so I thought why not?  I had the jalapenos and bell peppers in my garden and sugar and cider vinegar in the pantry.  All I needed was some pectin, limes and cute jelly jars...easy enough!  Look at that picture.  It looks like a bomb went off in my kitchen.  It was Saturday afternoon, and all I kept thinking was what if someone called and wanted to come see the house in an hour.  Lucky (or maybe unlucky) for us, no one called.  I shouldn't have worried anyway.  Apparently, there are no home buyers right now.

This week's market report from our Realtor shows a 22 month inventory of available homes.  Just in our zip code there are one hundred thirty-six homes available for sell, and only 6 homes in our listing price range sold last month.  I know it only takes one buyer, but it's very frustrating nonetheless.

So, how did my jelly turn out.  Beautiful, aside from the fact that this was all I got from that mess I made.  Can't wait though to try it with some cream cheese and crackers over the holidays, or maybe even served as a relish with a roast.  Next up, the green pepper jelly, and another huge mess to clean up.


Anonymous said...

That jam looks great and the mess in the kitchen was probably worth it!

Mom with a Mission said...

Hope so. I'll bring some at Christmas, and we can try it with cream cheese and crackers. See you guys soon.