Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dove Chocolate

One of my blog readers sent me an e-mail about Dove Chocolate and their "awesome" labeling for peanut/tree nut allergens. I went on their website, but couldn't find a written statement. However, if you call their automated phone system (800-551-0704), there is an option to press for a list of peanut free products.

I hope my reader doesn't mind me quoting her, but she spoke to several reps from the Mars company, and I wanted to pass along what she found out. They told her that "they will always list "may contains" if it is manufactured in a facility or on shared equipment with peanuts." Several of their products no longer carry a "may contain" warning so the assumption is that they must have a peanut free facility.

Thanks to my reader for e-mailing me. She was excited to be able to buy a candy bar for her peanut allergic son, who was in heaven having such a wonderful chocolate treat.

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Unknown said...

Here is a link to their page with information on their new dedicated manufacturing facility