Thursday, July 12, 2012

Haircut & Drops

I know I still need to post the details of Abigail's challenge, but I didn't want two important events to pass by without sharing.  Monday morning before leaving to go out of town, Abigail had 8 inches cut from her hair to use in making real hair wigs for cancer patients.  It wasn't her first time donating hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, but still no easier than the last.  It was a lot of hair, and she'd been growing it for the last 2 years. 

The shorter length looks super cute on her, but the new haircut along with her new glasses makes her look so much older.  Where did my little girl go?

The second noteworthy event was that Monday night was potentially her last time ever doing the peanut protein drops.  I couldn't let that event pass by without a comment and a picture.

She hasn't done drops since Monday night.  It feels weird for her to not be doing them.  We started the peanut clinical trial in May of 2009.  That's 1000 plus days of doing drops!  That's a really long time.


ejc said...

That is one nice looking wall behind you Abigail.

Nicky said...

I have to say well done to you mom. It takes a lot of effort to aid a childs awareness of allergies.

Your daughter is also beautiful!

Unknown said...

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Mom with a Mission said...

Thanks both Nicky and Philip. I really appreciate having such great readers. Just wish I had more time to post more. :)