Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nature's Path Foods

We're a fan of the Nature's Path Toaster Pastries, i.e. an organic Pop Tart.  Recently I contacted the company regarding their labeling policy and was pleased by not only their response, but also the Canadian government's stance on product labeling (I've put that section in bold).  Here's their e-mail:

Thank you for your query regarding the use of nuts in Nature’s Path products. We endeavor to always provide a good quality product.  Nature’s Path is committed to producing quality organic foods, using the best ingredients available, while adhering to strict quality control procedures.

Nature's Path Organic Toaster Pastries are made in a nut free facility.

Government regulators have advised us that because we utilize peanuts, nuts, soy or dairy in some of our facilities we are strongly recommended to put the disclaimer "may contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, dairy or soy" on Nature’s Path products made in those factories. Government regulator opinion is that if there is a remote chance of cross contamination that the consumer should be advised of this possibility.

At Nature's Path we have an extensive planning and cleaning schedule which includes protein testing, for all our production facilities in order to prevent any cross contamination of our products with non-declared ingredients. All of our products that do not contain peanuts, nuts or soy  or dairy – as listed on the ingredient label are theoretically dairy, soy, peanuts & nut-free. However because of the remote chance of contamination from machinery or peanuts, nuts & soy or dairy in the plant we can not imply that there is no possibility of minute amounts of these allergens in our products.

No matter how small the chance, we feel it is our obligation to inform customers of this possibility. Our main concern is the health risk to any of our customers who may have a life-threatening allergy. We feel that consumers must make the final choice in consultation with their healthcare provider about eating Nature’s Path products.

Nature’s Path does manufacture some of its products in a dedicated nut free facility. Here is the list of Nature’s path products made in a peanut & tree nut free factory

Nature’s Path Frozen Waffles – all flavors- Share equipment with dairy, egg.
Nature’s Path Puffed Bagged cereals – Puffed Rice, Puffed Corn, Puffed Millet, Puffed Kamut- Share equipment with wheat. No egg or dairy in facility.
Envirokidz Animal Cookies –vanilla –Share equipment with egg. Contain soy. Casein/ dairy free.
Nature’s Path Toaster Pastries- Frosted Toaster Pastries contains dairy. Unfrosted Toaster Pastries share equipment with dairy. No egg in facility.
Nature’s Path FlaxPlus Flax Seed and Flax Seed Meal
Nature’s Path Buttermilk Pancake Mix
Nature’s Path Flax Plus Pancake Mix

Please also check our website for more info on all of these including ingredient lists and store locations. (Updated & valid as of August 2009)

NB: people with life threatening peanut & nut allergies, it is still advisable to check back periodically with food companies over time because recipes can change.

Your email tells us that you are passionate about your health and wellness. If you would like to get more involved and share your opinion with us, please accept our invitation to join our research panel, The Cereal Bowl, at

Kind Regards,
Consumer Service

Wow, to have a government make such a suggestion as to protect the well-being of the consumers as opposed to catering to the large corporation.   How much easier it would be for parents with allergic children if we could look at the food packaging and have it tell us the whole story.  I've not purchased any of the other Nature's Path brands, but I've added them to my shopping list.  I also joined their research panel.  I'm not sure what that will entail, but the more I research the food we eat, the more I'm leaning toward going all organic.  I will say, there is one positive to Abigail's allergy.  Her allergy forced me to take a close look at the food our family is eating, and I'm appalled.

Like my other posts regarding food manufacturers, it's been my choice to endorse the company.  I've not been compensated for my review.

Note:  Wal-Mart has the best price for the Nature's Path Toaster Pastries.  They come in 6 or so varieties and are less than $3.00 a box.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the information. Saved us contacting them ourselves. Wish all companies would provide this information on their own sites.