Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Look?

If you're reading my blog tonight, it's possible that every time you hit a new page or refreshed, the background changed. I've been trying out new looks, lots and lots of new looks. I can't decide if I should keep it fun, stick with the old background or make it more professional with solid colors and a simple format.

So, what do you guys think? Time to go professional and keep it simple or do you like it fun? I do think I like this new layout with the boxes, white text background and tabs across the top.

I'm having an identity crisis!! Help! I need some feedback.


Lisa said...

Don't go professional! :) I have to read too many of those for work.

Since your blog is about healthy eating and allergies, etc....maybe think "green" and peaceful and soothing and "organic". :)

Or, better yet, let your daughter design something since she is the one that started it all! Maybe you could even get her to do some artwork to use as your banner or as a background?

Mom with a Mission said...

Lisa, what do think of this new layout?

Lisa said...

Hmmm...traditionally online (funny to say since it hasn't been around that long), content has been to the right of the screen and links/buttons to the left. So, in that sense, I keep looking to the left and then having to jump back over to the right. But, the web is constantly changing and updating, so go with what "feels" best for you. I *personally* prefer links to the left side, but again, not a deal-breaker!

Oh, and this layout makes the blog content seem much smaller (regardless of which side it is on) and the links/tags, etc. on the side seem larger...I would see if you can make the blog column wider or more prominent perhaps?

Lisa said...

Oh, and the lime green text makes the smaller tags hard to read in your labels section.

Enough feedback from me for one night! ;)

Julie Redfern said...

I like the colors and the blocks of white but I agree with Lisa that the lime green text is hard to read. Otherwise I like blue and green so it works for me!!

Mom with a Mission said...

Just changed it again. Seriously, I've got to leave it alone for a while.

I can't figure out how to change the lime green roll-over on the post links. Uggh!

Paul said...

change is good, I changed my once I think, sometime have to get you to talk me through it again

U Paul

HannahsMomma said...

I like it as you have it right now. If its easy to read, then that is the main thing :)

Can't wait to take a look at your blog :)

Allergy Mum said...

I like it just the way it is, with the cute fun background.
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