Friday, September 23, 2011


I'm falling behind blogging....again. First it was a busy summer and the preparation for the start of a new school year. This time it's because we've purchased a house and are moving. We're leaving our community of 13 years and moving to z different county located 40 miles south of where we live. It's a full time job right now coordinating the move, packing and making sure the transition will be as smooth as possible for our kids.

In this last year we have put our house of 12 years on the market, sold it, moved to a rental, researched communities, house-hunted and purchased a home. The end of this state of limbo is in sight. One week from tonight we'll be exhausted but moved in.

And after that, hopefully some return to normalcy. First though, I've got to get Abigail situated in a new school. You know what that means, more meetings with the staff, more medical forms to complete, more Peanut Allergy Action Plans to prepare and possibly more allergy awareness to promote.

I've got a huge week ahead of me. Time for some rest. It's going to be another very busy day tomorrow.

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